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About Us

About US

Founded in 2001, REINFORCING SUPPLY, LLC is a unique company serving the New York concrete construction industry. The company combines service and technology to fill a special niche in the marketplace. The company designs and builds its own machinery for the manufacture and sale of rebar chairs, dovetail anchor slot and one faced wall ties. REINFORCING SUPPLY’s reputation for service is unequaled in any field. The company uses its own boom truck for rapid deliveries requiring no crane or equipment time from the customer. All of our customers have had the experience of REINFORCING SUPPLY dropping off material early in the morning, late in the afternoon or on one hour’s notice. REINFORCING SUPPLY has been called on by many of New York’s biggest construction companies (Lend Lease, Peri Form, Pinnacle Industries) to design and build custom products for specialized site needs. We have a “one of a kind” manufacturing facility in Brooklyn and we invite all of our customers to visit us and see us work.

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350 Morgan Ave
Brooklyn NY 11211
Phone: (718) 599-5858
Fax: (718) 599-5860

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